Kanazawa (2D2N) – Day 1

Our train pulled into Kanazawa Main Station close to noon, and we were quite happy to finally be able to get off and stretch our limbs. Excitement coursed through us, with the beautiful town of Kanazawa ahead of us to explore! Continue reading Kanazawa (2D2N) – Day 1


Kyoto (2D2N) – Trip Itinerary

Kyoto has a charm about it that few other cities have, and I am not referring to only Japanese cities. All along, I have been enamoured by this small town, with its quaint little alleyways and traditional shopfronts. Kyoto also boasts some really good photo spots as well, and it is really no surprise that many couples head there for their wedding photo shoots.

I enjoyed my leisurely stroll along the serene Philosopher’s Path, before admiring the setting sun’s rays reflecting off the cobbled paths and little teahouses along Shirakawa Dori. If you thought Osaka was slow paced (in comparison to Tokyo), wait till you visit Kyoto! Although it’s my second time in Kyoto, I know that I will be back again! (: Continue reading Kyoto (2D2N) – Trip Itinerary